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What Services Are Included in Your Management Fee?

Property Owner Services:

  • Service-Oriented Fee-Based Management
  • Marketing & Investment Strategies
  • Real-Time Accounting
  • Instant Financial Reporting
  • Dozens Of Reports Available For Your Convenience
  • Effective Rent Collection
  • Direct Work Order Requests
  • Innovative Online Software Is Directly Integrated Into Our Website
  • In-House Repair And Maintenance Of Properties
  • Guaranteed Reduction Of Outsource Billing
  • In-House Cleaning
  • Move-Out & Move-In Inspections
  • Leasing
  • Evictions
  • Major And Minor Updates & Remodels
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Professional, Friendly Service

We provide and accept responsibility for a fleet of services, for both our property owner clients and our tenants, via our in house staff. Our staff is highly trained, certified or licensed where need be, and always updating their skills and education. This allows us to perform almost 100% of all property management needs in-house, which gives us greater control over our managed properties and insures the highest level of service consistently to our clients, the property owners and our customers, the tenants.

Our business model also gives us greater control over our costs, allowing us to pass the savings on to the property owner. As we strive to keep our overhead low, we stay current with technology, which allows us to do more with less. Plus we only buy what we need to service our client’s properties.

I have created a  list of important disclosures to you, our customer. I feel  these disclosures may benefit you while making decisions regarding the management of real estate. If you would like to download a copy of our Owner Management Agreement 

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Property owner hereby understands and agrees that Property Manager shall be responsible for ensuring that each vendor that is consulted, hired or compensated to perform any services and/or repairs to any property that is managed by TR Realty, is properly licensed and insured in the appropriate venue in which the services and/or repairs are performed. Persons and/or companies without the proper license(s) and insurance may not be utilized at any time or for any reason. In the event any vendor is discovered not to meet these standards, any outstanding payment due shall be withheld indefinitely. In no case may property owner perform repairs to property once a Property Management Agreement is effectuated, due to the substantial liability that may be incurred by TR Realty and its Property Manager(s). Furthermore, in the event property owner performs or causes to be performed any service and/or repair to the managed property at any time, any/all liability and/or expense incurred shall be the sole and unequivocal responsibility of the property owner, including but not limited to medical, legal, insurance and financial.


Each property owner must procure and maintain current and valid property (liability) insurance at all times, and provide proof of same to the Property Manager. Also, TR Realty must be named on the insurance policy as an additional insured.


If a property owner requests utilities to be connected by and in the name of TR Realty, rather than in property owner’s name, sufficient owner reserves must be on account, as determined solely by TR Realty.


In the event tenant prepays rent, property owner understands and agrees that TR Realty will release rental income to property owner on a monthly basis, and any prepaid rent for advance periods shall be withheld accordingly.


Each property owner must provide to TR Realty either a signed W-9 or W-8 (foreign investors) prior to the release of any rental income. Until such time as TR Realty has either a verifiable W-9 or W-8 on file, rental income will be withheld, and shall be released upon receipt of the W-9 or the W-8. Property owners who wish to consult with a licensed, qualified tax professional are free to do so on their own.


TR Realty highly recommends that each property owner set up ACH (electronic payments) for receiving his/her rental income. Care must be taken when entering account details into the owner portal (ACH system), as typographical errors will result in a $20 return fee assessed to the property owner. If a property owner requests that ACH be set up by his/her Property Manager, property owner hereby agrees to hold TR Realty and Property Manager harmless in the event of an error, and understands that a return fee of $20 shall be assessed to property owner in the event of an error, regardless of the reason or cause of the return. ACH payments are faster and safer than paper checks. TR Realty is a green company, and therefore prefers that all property owners use ACH in lieu of paper checks whenever feasible

  • U.S. BANK ACCOUNT DISCLOSURE FOR ACH: Each property owner must have a bank account in a financial institution located inside the United States in order to receive rental income by ACH. Until such time as TR Realty has obtained U.S. bank account information, rental income shall be withheld, and shall be released upon confirmation of the account.
  •  PAPER CHECK DISCLOSURE: If a property owner prefers to receive rental income in the form of a paper check in lieu of ACH, TR Realty will not be responsible in the event of loss, theft or destruction. In the event of a request to replace a paper check for any reason whatsoever, a $30 replacement fee will be assessed to the property owner. Twice each month, not later than the 15th and the 30th, TR Realty generates paper checks, which are then issued to the Property Manager. Property Managers are instructed to distribute the checks in a timely manner thereafter. Please contact your Property Manager in the event of any questions regarding the distribution of paper checks.

How Can You Get Started?

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Remember, when you put your property in the hands of the management team at TR Realty, you will be working with a company you can trust, a company whose owners have deep roots in the Las Vegas community, as business owners and community leaders for well over 10 years.

If you would like to learn more, we TR Realty Property Management are available to conduct a no obligation consultation about your property. Please feel free to contact us.

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