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Bradford Roberts, Principal Broker

Phone: 702.727.4030 Fax: 702.832.5899


Bradford Roberts has been at the helm of TR Realty since its inception. As founder and Principal Broker, Brad heartily accepts the responsibility of leadership with the utmost seriousness. His primary task is to facilitate the careers of the sales associates, with uncompromising dedication to following Nevada real estate licensing law and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics. Brad brings many years of brokerage, sales, management and investment experience to the table and to the benefit of his team. As mentor to the entire staff, Brad seamlessly supports residential, commercial, management and leasing transactions on a daily basis.

Brad especially enjoys contract law, dispute resolution, negotiation and client advocacy. In the face of adversity, he will never back down. Brad will passionately and enthusiastically fight for the rights and benefits of his sales associates and clients. He also takes great pride in the hand-written training program that he both created and administers on a regular basis. He believes it to be like no other, in the enjoyable fast-paced way that it trains the sales associates to be at their best. And those who have completed his training classes rave incessantly at how it has helped them to understand and succeed in real estate in ways previously not imagined.

Brad dabbles in several languages, and as a native of New York City, thoroughly embraces diversity. He has positioned TR Realty as a multi-cultural company, a smart decision as the world seems to be increasingly smaller and more connected each day. Brad maintains an active property management permit and a notary certificate, as well as e-Pro® and SFR® designations. He is also currently serving on the GLVAR Professional Standards Committee, out of his dedication to improving the image of Realtors® and to policing the real estate industry. Brad’s concern for the environment has infiltrated many aspects of TR Realty, and brings a refreshing atmosphere to an industry that is not always the first to adapt to change.

In the coming years, Brad aspires to continue to grow the depth and breadth of TR Realty, while keeping a close eye on quality control. Image is also paramount to Brad, which is why his standards have been called unparalleled in the real estate industry.


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Bush Johnson, Property Manager 

Phone: 702.544.0989  Fax: 702.832.5899



I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. I served 3 years 8 months in the U.S. NAVY and was discharged honorably in 1974. I went on to Purdue University and earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Supervision/Management an Associate Degree in applied science in Chemistry.

I started working as an assistant chemist for ARCO/BP in 1981, in Carson California. While working full time with ARCO/BP. I started my real estate career investing in rental properties. After getting my real estate license in California in 1989, I worked five years with a couple of different brokerages to gain experience. I then moved on to get my broker’s license in 1993 and started my own real estate investment company.

I specialize in REOs, Foreclosures and helping first time buyers/investors to locate properties throughout the country. Since 1991, I have personal bought and sold over 50 properties for myself and helped hundreds of investors with their properties. Working with many property managers and their companies over the years I know what it takes to make a good property manager and make your rental properties profitable.

In 2011, after leaving ARCO/BP, I decided to move to Las Vegas and go full time investing and managing my own properties. I opted to get back into real estate to help investors and landlords with investing and managing their own properties and to share my knowledge of real estate. I received a real estate license in Nevada and along with a property manager’s permit. I’m specializing in the managing of single family homes (SFR), condos, and townhouses in all of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson. As your Property Manager, I will treat your investment property as if it were my own, while making sure our tenants have an enjoyable time, while making the highest ROI on your Properties


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