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5 Tips to keep in mind when being fire safe:

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Bush Johnson in Property Management

1.Teach your children about fire safety. Curiosity can get the best of a child at a very young age and the more you discuss with them before they decide to learn by themselves, the more likely you can prevent them from being injured or accidently starting a fire.
2.Keep all fabrics or flammable items away from electrical outlets or any item that heats up. Fires can be started without an open flame. As little as a spark too close to a curtain can start a large house fire.
3.Test fire alarms once a month and teach your children what sound they make and what to do when they hear it. It is recommended to replace fire alarms every 10 years.
4.Designate an outdoor meeting area for once every member is out of the home.

5.Practice escaping from the home at least two times a year. Use the smoke detectors to familiarize you and your family to the sound and teach safe evacuation techniques such as: having two exits from the home, never touching the doorknob, crawling below the smoke, and STOP, DROP, & ROLL!


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